At what point does life start to get easier? When I was a teenager all I wanted to do is grow up and start my life. Now, I wish that I would have milked that period of time for all that I could have.  Things these days seem to grind on. It seems like a real life “Groundhog Day” without the toaster in the bathtub of course.  I think a lot…probably too much. In the car on the way to the office or at night when I can’t sleep are popular times to analyze your life right? Some days there is a targeted topic floating around in my brain; most days it’s a smattering of ideas, thoughts and concerns. Is this normal? I hope so.

Meanwhile, life has a tendency to not really care about things and move on even if you don’t have your crap in order. That’s the way it goes I guess.  Things are going by quickly I think is my problem. I need to quit worrying about all these little things and pay attention to the big picture.
Speaking of big picture….Sam started 1st grade in August. He had a bit of an adjustment to going back to school and we had to struggle with some small things. His grades were good enough to make the Honor Roll for all A’s for the first quarter. He defiantly gets his brain from his mom.  Max is Max. I sometimes think he could be a fantastic hostage negotiator or a future deal maker for big industry. He will break you mentally and physically. He will win at any cost. He will be our handful for sure.
We have been pretty busy this fall. Seem that is the case every year. The start of school coupled with grandparent visits, trade shows and plant outages fill the calendar.  It’s always a little bit of a fiasco in October and it does not seem to let up until after Christmas. Sam is also doing Karate now, so throw that into the mix. We are not even close to as busy as other families; at this point Sam has not had a huge interest in organized sports.
I winterized the RV last week and I think we are done for the season.  It always sucks. In the end, it was used for nearly 30 nights this year and that is an all-time high. Before the winter I need to invest some time tuning things up, ensuring the roof is in good shape and we won’t have any un expected water leaks over winter.  We are planning on another big trip for early June….Thinking Smokey mountains. We will see.

2 thoughts on “Yep….

  1. It's definitely normal. Even with a huge shake up in my life (you know- packing my wife and kids into my camper and heading out), it's still SSDD. I just swapped a house and home office for a camper and a bedroom office. It's how it goes.

    The good news is exactly what you said – it's the big picture. You're beautiful wife, wonderful kids, and life in general. 🙂

    Cheers, mate.


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