Carlyle Lake Weekend

It’s been a while since we took a trip as a family in the RV and this past weekend we tried to play catch up. I managed to get a site at Carlyle Lake and it might be one of the best ones on the lake just because of the view. You need to book these sites early because they go fast. We had planned on going for a weekend in July but it ended up being closed due to high water. This was a low key trip other than picking up firewood just down the road from the campground we did not leave once. 
The other major reason why this place is a top pick is that the sites are all paved in Loop 1 and large in size. The kids are able to run around without the need for bug spray or even shoes for that matter. Clean and well kept. 
The above video is another big reason why having a paved campsite is a real bonus…Some places we have stayed literately turn into a swamp when it rains. Dealing with muck and mud is not fun. 

Coles Creek Campground
Carlyle Lake Coles Creek Campground Site #22

Coles Creek Campground Playground
Old School Playground complete with burn inducing steel slides. 

Carlyle Lake Campgound
Coles Creek Recreation Area Loop 1

This view is why this place is awesome. Try to get this at a Holiday Inn Express for $22 a night. 
We are going back for three nights in September and while currently we are not on the water, I already am looking forward to it. 

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