Summer Is Over. Boo.

This past weekend I got away my brother in law for a drinking/fishing trip. More drinking less fishing. Wouldn’t have mattered anyhow as the lake was so high things were all out of wack.  It was a good time however we struck out same as last year with the weather. It was either brutally hot or raining.  Also got to experience my first good storm in the RV along with a 3 am shuffle of securing everything so it didn’t blow away….including the awning.

Mark Twain Ray Behrens Campground
Our Spot at Ray Behrens Campground site 114

Mark Twain Lake Ray Behrens Campgorund

We have done more than our share of “things” this summer as a family and its crazy to realize it’s nearly complete. It seems like Sam’s last day of school was last week. Memorial Day came around and we went into hyper drive with a flurry of activities. Ali does a great job arranging things so they stay busy like the Art Camp Sam is going to this week and we have been keeping weekends busy as well.  As a group, we saw the beach and some rocket ships. We went took a few trips to closer more similar spots and had one canceled due to the high water. Birthday Week came and went with a smash. We bought a golf cart to cruise the neighborhood. Having the cart proved to be a huge hit during Ribfest where we and drank and ate entirely too much. It’s been a great summer so far…..but now its almost done. Sam starts school in a few weeks.

New Town at St. Charles
Cool Golf Cart Spotted at Ribfest

New Town Ribfest 2015
2015 St. Louis Ribfest held in New Town

Civic Green Park New Town
Civic Green Park in New Town. The Frogs are a hit.

Lake of the Ozark State Park Campground
LOTO State Park

Lake Ozark Deer
The Deer At Lake of the Ozarks State Park were fearless. 

New Town St. Charles Golf Cart
We have been ending a lot of days at home like this. Its nice to explore our neighborhood and check in on things. Oh and the pool…..No more wet car seats.

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