Day 5- Another low Key Sunday

I’m Getting into a groove for sure…everyone slept until 8:30 and for those keeping track…that’s 2 hours later than normal. Part of the reason is we are running to the point of exhaustion and the other is that we have a site that is so well shaded that it’s like a little 65 degree cave in the am.

Topsail State Park Campground Site 159

It appears that everyone is on Florida time. I had really never considered an RV trip a “vacation” but it’s hard not to believe that  it can be. We discussed what this trip would be like without our own kitchen, fridge, grill, outdoor gear and lastly your own bed and pillows….its hard to argue that this doesn’t qualify..

Hit up a local seafood market for some fresh shrimp today….after cleaning and cooking I am officially wanting to move south. I could get used to this. They recommended their spicy crab dip…and its alright. Kids are having a blast. Surf and turf for dinner tonight.

Shrimpers Seafood Santa Rosa Beach FL
Shrimpers Seafood Santa Rosa Beach
Shrimpers Seafood Market Santa Rosa Beach
The last two nights after getting back from the beach Sam and I have taken a shower at the fancy shower house because it’s convinent and ends the day on a high note. It’s good to rinse off the salt and sand and wind down the day. Sam likes the privacy in his own little shower and we shout at each other even though others are listening.  The conversation on the walk back is becoming increasingly entertaining. He wants to spend the entire summer here and is scared that people will see us with our shirts off on the way back to the RV. Plus many of the little details I normally would not get to hear due to every day life. It’s great and I never would have gotten these little bits had we not taken this trip. Here are some shots form the beach this evening.

One thought on “Day 5- Another low Key Sunday

  1. I honestly don't enjoy vacationing *without* the camper nearly as much as I do *with* the camper. (With the exception of a recent anniversary trip with just my wife and I.)


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