Epic Trip South Day 2

Day two started with a good nights sleep for everyone. A little BKFST whipped up by old Dad and we were off the U.S. Space and Rocket Center by 9 am. Having visited both Johnson and Kenendy Space Centers, I expected a little more. With that said, the exhibits that were space related  was really good but there was a lot that seemed forced to fill up space. Good news is the  kids were really impressed with the exception of Max initially…..he was under the impression at any point one of the rockets would actually take off. 

As stated above, having visited all the space centers now, it’s amazing 
what they were able to pull off. There is more technology in a cell phone from 2001 than aboard one of the Saturn V rockets that took us to the Moon.
So the space center killed about 1/2 the day and the other 1/2 was spent venturing to a little gem Ali dug up. The Harmony Safari Park about 30 minutes outside Huntsville. This is one of those drive though animal park such as Lone Elk for you St Louis Folks but with a twist….you feed these animals. Needless to say, I have muddy slobber marks all down the side of my Truck, multiple long necked birds stuck their weird heads in to the cab and my front bumper was gored by a cow who was pissed we didn’t feed him. Oh and a Ram who kicked my door repeadiy looking for a hand out. It was awesome. If I could figure out how to post video you would better understand how funny this was.

I also stopped at the self proclaimed RV superstore of Alabama to pick up the part I broke yesterday so we can hook up to city water and stop using the on board pump for water. 
We are at the handy Northgate RV travel Park and will depart for Florida tomorrow. Tonight we got to meet our neighbors at our campsite. Everyone went out in the rain to say hi. Here they are:

Toes in the sand by late afternoon Friday.

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