Epic Trip South Day 1

It has begun.

Our multi week trip to Floridia’s Emerald coast started today with a vomit inducing 8+ hour drive with our home on wheels in tow. We landed at the Northgate Travel Park in Athens Alabama. It was really a no frills trip and the kids were awesome…way better than expected. 

A New found benefit of traveling with an RV…your lunch spot is 20ft behind the drivers seat. Definite plus. Having a full fridge is nice on the road.  Only issue was I broke our fresh water supply connection when we arrived at the luxurious Northgate. Truth be told Northgate is perfect for this route…highly recommend this spot. Rather than travel again tommorow…we are checking out the U.S. Space and rocket center. Kids are glad to be out of the truck. We spent the last hour of the drive playing “throw the football at the driver trying to wrangle the 7000# Trailer”.

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