It’s That Time…

 May is once again on our doorstep and if you stop here regularly to read my grammatically incorrect writing you would know it’s officially BBQ/ RV’ing season!!!

I had complete intention on taking the KCBS (Kansas City BBQ Society) judging class this month but I ended up not signing up. The intention was to learn and sample what the judges in our area are actually looking for in competition BBQ. Seems logical right?  Then I could cater my cooking to suite the taste that was desired and win millions, quit my job and open a chain of BBQ restaurants across the Midwest that would allow me to sit on my fat ass the rest of my existence. That’s the plan….yea for sure. (Back to Reality) This year I actually had full intention to start trying to cook competitively and venture into the sub-culture that is competitive BBQ Then after looking at our lives currently, it was clear that this little thing I wanted to do needs to wait a few years. I know they say that things just get more complicated as your kids get older and I’m sure this is true. That might be why there are very few people without gray hair on the BBQ circuit. Jokes on them, my hair is all falling out so they wont be able to tell I am well into my 30’s. Anyhow, this could also be something that the kids and I could potentially get into when they get a little older. Then again, I could think of nothing worse than spending a weekend with my Dad in close quarters in high pressure situations when I was young.  Come to think of it, the few times we did…I still remember vividly so it might not be a bad thing. There is a Comp up north that I still might take a swing at in the fall that is sanctioned by KCBS…. so you never know.

As you might know from stoping by here often, our big trip to the gulf coast is going down this month. I actually am a little nervous. It seems like an Odyssey and somewhat of a challenge for our family. For some reason I feel like it may turn into a scene of the elementary classic “The Oregon Trail” where we will need to caulk the camper and attempt to float the Cumberland River. Having said that, traveling with an RV is pretty much exactly like the Oregon Trail with the exception we have cell phones, repair facility’s and infrastructure should problems arise. The similarity’s are pretty crazy to be honest. In reality it will go off with out issue and we will have a great time. Anyhow, this will be one of those trips we either fully embrace the RV lifestyle or immediately sell it upon return home. Stay Tuned!

*photo from Florida State parks

The place we are going apparently has good Wi-Fi (and Cable) So we wont be as disconnected as our last trip so look for regular updates on our travels. The next Post you read shoud be from Northern Alabama as we navigate through the South Eastern Portion of the US with our 7,000 lbs home on wheels in tow.

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