2015 Travel Season Underway This Week…

It was decided last year that the traditional vacation would take a back seat to RV travel this year and possibly next. There are many reasons for this. Last year we dumped pretty much everything in the new house and a bit of a slow down at work does not help things. The fact that we have an RV already and the kids are getting older and more forgiving about longer car trips made this decision pretty easy.  Everyone has gotten pretty comfortable traveling in an RV over the last few years and it defiantly has given me an opportunity to spend time with my family that I wouldn’t otherwise have if we didn’t own one.

It seemed like a ridiculously long winter even though it really was one of the milder ones we have had in the St. Louis region in a while.  The majority of the bad weather happened late in the season. Although we are not out of the woods just yet, I think we might be safe de-winterizing the camper.

Last year for spring break we spent a few days at Lake Wappapello and had the entire place to ourselves. I really thought long and hard about going back, but in reality there was not enough time to make it happen. They delayed the opening of this campground a little later than normal so we only would have been able to pick up the last few days of Sam’s Spring Break. I do think that this was one of the more memorable weekend trips for us…..traveling 2 hours out of the way due to a navigational error. Also the blizzard that seemed to appear out of nowhere on our way back to St. Louis made for some very strange moments on this trip. 
This season opener happens this weekend and I am pretty excited for what we have planned with the kids this season.  We have some longer trips lined up for this year including our longest trip in our RV’ing history. My youngest will get to see the ocean for the first time in his life. For me, a stop at Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ in Decatur Alabama and a day at the Space and Rocket Center for Sam.  We also have booked prime spot on Table rock Lake that is in the near future including all the touristy things there is in Branson. We are also heading back to Lake Barkley/Kentucky for the Independence Holiday. Plus many other trips in the works….and  the annual Kansas Speedway Pilgrimage. I’m Excited for it all and the kids are over the moon. 
Last night we spent the evening at the storage lot going through things in the camper. The kids spent their time running around getting into trouble. Together. They even befriended a nice cat. It all seems very simple, and it is. That’s what is so appealing about RV travel. We don’t have this time with these guys for long before the activities and sports begin to fill up the Spring and Summer calenders. Might as well enjoy it while we can.

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