Weber 14" Smoker!

Weber introduced something last year that is potentially a game changer for tailgates and campgrounds…..Weber Corp please take note, you  have my full and complete attention! I introduce to you, The Weber Smoky Mountain 14″ Bullet Smoker. This little gem was introduced to the market last year for folks who need a more portable, durable and complete cooker. Yep, that’s right… Please take my money. Every year at the Race Track I am completely jealous of the folks who bring the complete rig to cook on and always think about packing up one of my “Minions” to take to the the track. Yet it never happens. The Jumbo Joe we use typically is enough, however my mind tends to wonder. I also think that it would be a good idea to take one (Small Smoker) into the woods for a weekend. It makes total since honestly; when camping you have a lot of time to dedicate to the process of a long cook. Mostly at a camp site you spend the day just hanging out doing odd things and never really leaving too far from the RV.  Truth be told…..The only thing that has kept me from doing this is the thought of a rouge asbestos pawed Raccoon making off with my $50.00 brisket while I am sleeping . Sure that sounds funny, but believe me…this is a bigger concern than you might think especially in more regularly populated campgrounds. Our very first camping experience a few years ago I found a large, very healthy raccoon walk in between my legs to check out what we had left in our trash can around 9:45pm at night.  I had a bit to drink and remember rubbing my eyes to confirm what had just happened was true. They are Fearless and completely adorable.

Photo Credit: Photo of the 14.5″ Smoker. Awesome. 

With that said, this year I plan on at least taking my smoking set up somewhere to  apply the craft outside of the house. Most BBQ comp’s will require a “off base” setting so why not get comfortable cooking away from the house. We will see how it goes.  I have so far made my own sauces, rubs and methods to get to what I think is quality BBQ but I might just be kidding my self when it comes to the big time. 
I am thinking of enrolling next year in a KCBS BBQ comp in 2016 near Mark Twain Lake…..That way when I bomb big time I don’t have to face any one I know….Just pack up and leave!

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