These Days

I believe that there is a country song with the same title of this post that puts a positive spin on the phrase “These Days”. I think I should go to listen to it, because “These Days” the majority of the day is spent wondering what the hell did I do to get treated like dog shit. I just don’t get people “These Days”. I guess it has a lot to do with the corporate culture that has permeated into pretty much every aspect of business…you know Screw everyone else, I need to look good on the next review. I guess the title of “National Regional Supervising Sales Engineering Manager IIV-VI” is what everyone is after “These Days”. I admit, It would look good on an email signature… know because that’s the only way of communicating “These Days”. Good thing too because spitting that out over a actual phone call could be a bit of a tongue twister.  Being a sales rep sometime stinks because we are at the bottom of the pile. I for the most part feel I am good at my job, but it seems that there is something that I am missing “These Days”. Maybe I should sell my soul at the crossroad like Robert Johnson and all this would be an afterthought. Wait! Never mind.  What ever it is, I have shit to do at 4:30 Every weekday. Sometimes 3:30pm. Or Noon. Also I just might on a whim take a few weeks off this summer to head to the beach. That’s the good part about being a sales rep that is really, really cool.  Vegas. That’s pretty cool too.

I need a vacation.

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