Shrimp and Grits

I love the south.. if I didn’t have any obligations what so ever I could find myself spending a lot of time down in that area of the country. There is something about it all. The accents, the laid back lifestyle and mostly the food. Being from the Midwest, it’s hard to get really any aspect of the south in the food here. There are restaurants that try, but there is always something missing.  For some reason this weekend I got grits in my head….it became an obsession. I even had a dream or two about it. Crazy? Absolutely.  Had some gulf shrimp to cook and there you have it.

I thought it turned out great… Last time I had grits was in Anderson, SC and my version held up pretty good.

I am looking forward to our trip to FL in May with the RV….Given the fact that we will have a freezer it should be an opportunity to bring back some fresh seafood. I am starting to be convinced that RV travel is the way to go. Now to plan a trip to New Orleans/Texas. Might need to take 2 weeks off and make that happen.

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