Halloween And Other Things.

October. This is a good month for us typically. It helps that we live in St. Louis because if you like baseball, there is no better city to be in around October. Unfortunately they just couldn’t get it together to make it in 2014. Oh well, let’s hope for next year. October also means Halloween. Sam for the 2nd year in a row was a race car driver….Kyle Busch specifically.  We tried to get him to choose another costume but he really liked this one so it was set in stone. This marked our second Halloween in our house and it seems somewhat strange because it feels like we just unpacked. As I sit and type this out , these pictures remind me that we still need to paint the entire lower level. Life just gets in the way of things I guess. 
The month of October also marks the end of the 2014 Camping/Traveling season. I winterized the RV on Thursday before the first hard freeze of the season. We were able to put up some respectable numbers in terms of nights spent away from home. Unless we get a stretch of good weather around Christmas, I think it will remain closed up tight until March or April. A long 5-6  months from now. Boo. 
Even Gibson had his costume on. 
 A neighbors pumpkin a few blocks over. 
I wish I had taken more photos of the actual evening because it was absolutely crazy. I was too busy following and keeping an eye on Sam so I guess I had an excuse.  Having lived in New Town for I think 8 years now, I really have not had a chance to experience the holiday in true NT fashion. As we rounded the corner and headed for home, the line of cars dumping kids off looked like the closing scene from Field of Dreams.  I figured we walked about a mile and a half. At one point I had to lighten Sam’s candy bucket by stuffing a few lbs in my coat!
Our Lego Pumpkin. The Newest Obsession in our house. Not the pumpkin, the Lego Corp.
Sunset from my backyard this week….Another house going up. Our street is really starting to come together with just a few more empty lots remaining.  It will be nice when the sidewalks are complete…tired of dodging speeding cars.
This month we also made the pilgrimage to Houston to see Papa and Binga (Grandparents). We have flown now 3 times with both the kids and this was the first somewhat “good” experience traveling. Both Sam and Max were on great behavior and caused minimal frustrations. It helps that we strapped Max into his carset on the plane….this is more for the fellow passengers safety than Max’s. We spent a lot of time in the pool and eating Texas Sized Meals
Texas means double Piggy’s
Picked up a few things at the local HEB( Texas Grocery Chain). The Tortillas are made fresh in the store and are seriously the best I have ever had. Also their House brand of spices are really good, so we load up when we are there. The Beinget Mix you can find here, but it was a good price so I bought a few. 
Last night I fired up the grill….got it good and Hot for some steaks. Unfortunately the result was not great. Costco let us down….NY Strips were like shoe leather despite being cooked correctly….or at least within my acceptable tollerance. 
Some bread I picked up from Marsala’s Market in New Town. I added the Garlic
With the time change this weekend, I was forced to put new batteries in my grillin’ light. Its that time of year again. Boo. 

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