Fall and Stuff…

Kansas speedway yet again. This time just my brother in law and I. Made for much more room in the RV and a lot less stress. It was a good weekend and well needed.  We meet some good salt of the earth folks form all over the midwest on our drunken campground walks. Even meet a few folks from some of the areas of Kansas I work in. They fed us some great ribs! Sadly no photos. 

A little muddy, but nothing for Big Green. 

Last week I traveled for work and got a little golf in as well. South Carolina is a nice place this time of year. 

Bag O Beers and Jeans scream the south. 

Downtown Anderson, SC.

One of the absoloute best values in Golf I have ever had is the Walker Course in Clemson, SC. The place was awesome. $40 including a cart and the back nine was pretty much on the water. 

Re-Strung the Axis this month too. Don’t think I have ever done it. It seems like years since I picked up a guitar…felt pretty good.

The Walker Course Keepsake. 

That time of year again….if you know what this pink stuff is you know this is the begining of a long winter.  More to come on this.Hate this by the way… We did a fair number of good trips and have a huge year planned for next year including a beach trip. It might be the undoing for our family and the rv. Here is a photo of our site in in May

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