Carlyle Lake Once Again

This past weekend was potentially our last family trip weekend trip of the season and it was a very low key event compared to some of our other trips. I can see it getting harder and harder to do as the kids get older. It makes planning out the season even more important because the RV industry is really booming now. Getting a good camp site on a quick notice is almost impossible and in some cases requires a year in advance booking. This past weekend at our favorite spot on Carlyle Lake, there was not a single available site in the loop we like. I snagged this site over 2 months ago and it was the last one available. We were in site 15, in the less desirable middle area. Plenty of shade, but not great privacy or lake views. 
We also seemed to avert disaster with the water supply. While outside using the water sprayer cleaning up after dinner, I noticed that the water pressure was lacking. After investigating I found a supply line essentially crimped off. It had to have been there since the RV was built because it was “forced” into this arrangement. Over time and bumpy roads, a pin hole developed and as I was trying to move the lines around a leak started. If this would have happened int he middle of the night it would have been disastrous. Another reason to always shut off your water supply when leaving for the day! I would not want to come back to water pouring out the doors. Luckily I had all the stuff to fix it and we were good in about 20 minutes. 

Carlyle Lake Coles Creek Campground

Another thing that was very evident, is that the kids really need a more than a 2 day trip to get comfortable. The first day is usually somewhat crap because everyone is just out of rhythm. On Sunday, everyone was mellow and totally in the groove. It was hard to pack up and leave. 

The damaged water line. 

“I’m going to sit next to this tree and eat bread”

This is what a kid looks like with out an Ipad in his hands. 

The great thing about this place is the PAVEMENT!! Large enough to move about, do chalk drawings and walk barefoot without worrying about mud. In the event of a rainstorm, a site like this is a huge plus.  I do like the parks that are more spartan, but with kids having hard surfaces to run around on, this is hard to beat. 

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