Full Swing into Fall….

Finding time for pretty much anything these days is tough. Spending a lot of time at work on things that are not making any money so I figured I would go ahead and take a few minutes and give you an update since on things since early August. 
Hatch Peppers are in!!! Last few years these little babies have found their way into the STL area via some produce company who has hooked up with Schnucks. If you don’t know anything about them, don’t know what to tell you. They are essentially an variation Anaheim pepper, but grown in a certain soil in New Mexico and roasted over an open flame at time of purchase. The season for these is measured in days, not weeks so they are long gone now. If you are like me, I buy a bunch and freeze them for use thought the year. They are awesome in Chili, Dips, Eggs and most recently in my Beans  From the photo above, it would seem I have gotten involved with some Black market drug operation.

Even the Dog Likes Hatch Peppers

Another Good Find….

The Garden has Started to Produce (No pun intended)

A few weeks ago we had a few good storms roll through and I happened to catch the lightning above. This was easily the most intense lighting storm I have ever seen.

A photo that was snapped in the middle of the nightly screaming spectacular (Meal Time)  while things were relatively calm. Notice the freshly painted kitchen walls?

And Finally, Sams first day of Kindergarten!

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