Hillman Ferry-LBL National Rec Area

I don’t know if its the kids getting older, or the fact that we are just getting more comfortable traveling with an RV, but the trips just seem to keep getting better and less chaotic. We spent 4 nights at Hillman Ferry Campground within the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip and it was highlighted by some of the lowest temps in July on record. We did a lot of bike riding, relaxing and exploring. It helps also that my parents traveled there with us and we had two sites that were really set up well for navigating back and forth between the RV’s. This place is the definition of “off the gird”. The entire expanse of LBL is essentially a forest. No Gas station, little cell service, no real infrastructure other than the welcome centers, campgrounds and a small nature center that really is a highlight of the area. It was awesome. 
This was our longest duration trip that we have done and once you settled in it started to feel a bit like a vacation that I didn’t want to leave.  For the most part the kids were well behaved, they were exhausted by days end and that is never bad. Our little guy, Max, had some issues sleeping due to a tooth coming in and getting cold at night but even with that everyone was in good spirits. The actual campground is huge with close to 400 sites. Most are shaded very well by the 100+ foot tall pines and  a fair amount have electric. There also is a large number of sites with electric/water and fewer full hook up sites primary in the “T” Area. 
Check out the pics below.

Our site above #88 and my parents below in #100

The Camp store had more to offer than the nearest grocery. Very well thought out.

Battle Royal when Max realized that his older brother was sleeping above him

Just checking things out still in Jamies…..did I mention it was in the low 60’s in the mornings?

First time we used this contraption….it worked!

One of the best views in section”C”. The view from the pad below

Kentucky Lake Hillman Ferry
Lake was very clear and calm.

Hillman Ferry Open Showers

Out door Showers in Section “T”. For some reason I was fascinated by this. 

Big, Tall Trees….Very nice to look at. 

My Dad was here.

Bike rides were one of the highlights of the trip. Its the simple things. 

Till next time…..

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