Why an RV is awesome…

It’s  Wednesday. 11:24am. Radio is on. Just got back from the beach. Burgers are on the grill. Kids are relaxing indoors with a episode of paw patrol. I have to work tommorow, Sam has school but we don’t have to leave until 4pm so we will take our time.

We are at Carlyle lake in Illinois…at the Coles creek Campground and for being just shy of a two hour drive….it’s hard to beat.

Loving this new Weber set up. Retired our gas Weber in favor of this Jumbo Joe. It’s awesome! No more flare ups, able to cook indirect and have better control over the heat. Also in this picture is the JAJA pro start Camp fire starter. I am tempted to buy another one just to have at home. This thing is awesome. It just so happens to fit perfectly in the bottom vent of the Weber and can get a fire started in no time. 

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