Easter Weekend

For the last two years we have spent Easter Weekend at a Campground of some type….this year we were slated to do the same.  However, a last minute cancellation of a 2 night trip to Carlyle Lake overshadowed the ridiculous effort to stain our fence. I pulled the plug on this trip on Wends this week…in the spring you value good weather and I just wanted to get it over.  Funny thing about being a homeowner…there is constant upkeep that needs to be done. If you think that building a home is finished once you move in, you are dead wrong. Its a never ending conquest to make it your own. This includes putting up a fence, various silly projects that occupy an entire weekend, painting, Walks, pavers, garage organization, landscaping projects, mulching and re-mulching. You get the idea. I put in a solid 20 hours on thie fence this weekend….Ali contributed as well and we are still not finished. The exterior of the fence is done with only the inside left. I took advantage of the 40% off sale at Sherwin Williams last weekend and bought essentially all the paint for the lower level, loft, stain for the double porches, and the fence stain…..$800 dollars later and I have my work cut out for me.

As I sit here Sunday night at 8:54pm….I much would have rather spent the weekend watching a few sailboats dock at the marina and waves lap the shore. Oh Well, it was a productive weekend and that lake will be there in a few weeks. Right?

Also, for the first time we were able to host Easter Dinner!! We were planning on this even if we went camping….good thing as I don’t think we could have pulled it off if we would have come back from the lake this morning. It was good to see My Parents, Brother and his Wife and Borhter In-Law. It’s Weird haveing eveyone in my kitchen for a meal….It feels a bit strange. 

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