Playing Catch Up

Actually updating this stupid thing with any regularity will never happen. So here you go….bits and pieces from the last few weeks/months.
Costco Booze-A guy sold me on this while looking at it last week. I will admit, I never have taken to Crown Royal but for $19 it was for a ½ Gallon it was worth a try. First impressions are that it is much sweeter than Bourbon but very smooth. If you are a Crown drinker you should give this a whirl. Your wallet will thank you.  The Costco House brand Vodka is an excellent buy as well….the rumor is that its produced by the same distillery as Grey Goose and for $25 for a Gigantic Bottle it again does not disappoint. Liquor cabinet is well stocked. The large Jar is my pending Lemmonchello brew…details to follow

With the warmer months coming it’s time to get the RV in traveling shape. Last week I started to do a little preventative maintenance on the hitch head and noticed a few things that looked odd. One of the spring bar supports seems to have a more metal wear than the other and after removing them it was clear to see that something is up. Husky Towing products was quick to assist and are actually sending out new parts and some recommendations on how to prevent this from happening again.  While I am not 100% sold on this design of hitch, I am completely satisfied with their customer service. We also stocked up on propane bottles for the season. 

I was able to do a little cooking the last few weeks and with the help of the Weber Grill we enjoyed a few good meals.  The first few photos are my attempt at a Bourbon Hatch Pepper Sauce. It’s a variation of the Sauce served at Mesa Grill with the Spicy Tenderloin dish. I have made it before but this time I didn’t have all the ingredients and substituted the Adobe Peppers for Roasted Hatch we had in the freezer. It was good, but not great.
Also the new favorite is Chicken Fajitas W/Chorizo. The trick is to half the chicken breasts and sear them on cast iron over high heat. Heating the tortillas on the grill adds some good texture as well. They are even better the second day. 

I did a bit of traveling for work over the last few weeks. I am always a little grossed out when there is a whirlpool in the hotel room. Who actually uses these and how often are they cleaned? Yuck. 

Sam had a program at school that related to President’s Day. It was actually pretty funny and he looked a little uncomfortable up on stage. 

3 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. I think I may have screwed up this batch….I don't think I used High enough proof alcohol to keep it from freezing….So i dumped a bit more vodka in to see if this helps. More booze never hurts.


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