February is Dragging on…..

February is over 1/2 way gone and I for one am glad. I got a break from the Arctic Tundra and went to Tucson for some training last week. The high there was nearly 80F and not one cloud. It was really, really nice. The down side is that we were essentially stuck indoors the whole time but every chance to soak up a little sun was taken advantage of. 
Some things since my last post….as you guessed more snow in early in the month that resulted in an additional 6″ of snow. In November I purchased a electric snow blower and it got a good workout and really does pretty damn good and if you choose to go down this path make sure that you get a good cold weather extension cord…it really makes it easy.
I spent half a day yesterday cleaning the garage yet again and got some more stuff off the ground. I still need to wire some additional outlets for charging the mower and also run a dedicated line to the garage sometime in the spring. More than likely I will run a 100 amp sub panel for the garage entirely. Welders, Grinders, RV A/C and so on will take a large load so its good to have a panel at the source that can handle this.
This project along with all the other stuff that needs to be done such as landscaping, Staining the Double Porch, Staining the Fence and pouring a Cement Pad for the Trash Cans all will take up a ton of time. When the Hell will we go camping?  I guess those are all good problems.

If you are ever in Tucson, Check out Li’ll Abners. At one time they didn’t even have a menu, you just ate what various meats they had on hand. The Ribs now are in my Top 5 without question. They have classed it up a bit and now provide you with a menu.

Valentines Day Flowers sourced locally in NT along with the Wine. 

Annual Valentines Day Dinner…I grill in any Temp.

Getting Closer…. Still lots of $hit to get rid of. 

No Snow in the Attic this time…..Still fighting with McBide on getting this handled. 

Nice Whiskey Drink to help me clear the snow. 

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