Another Winter Post

With yet another winter storm approaching the St. Louis area, a house that still has not been fixed to prevent the infiltration of windblown snow and a generally shitty start to the year at work I thought it would be appropriate to highlight our upcoming spring/summer trips.
This year is going to be heavily focused on RV travel rather than the typical vacation….buying a new house taps the pocketbook pretty well dry as you know if you read my ramblings with any regularity.
Starting to get very pissed at mcbride….still no resolution to our incorrectly installed soffit vents. Asshats. 

Big Trips:
Table Rock Lake- I am mostly excited about this one for the simple reason we have never been here. It seems ridiculous to live in Missouri and never take the pilgrimage to the land of tacky souvenirs, fudge and old men pretending to be blacksmiths. In any case, it will be fun for the kids as the Branson area offers a ton of things to do for the kids. I did go when I was little but don’t remember it. We are booked at COE Mill Creek Campground that is supposedly one of the best COE’s in the nation. Direct water front sites with clean everything. Here are some photos of this spot I dug up on line.

Our Booked Spot on the Right

Land between the Lakes KY- I never really thought about this spot until I started digging in to it a little. It is a huge federally protected swatch of land as the name would indicate separating  Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. There are multiple campgrounds in this area most with full hookups and water frontage. The area is also home to herds of Bison and elk and many hiking trails. We are staying at Hillman Ferry federal campground that is the largest campground in the preserve. There is not much to do in this area for kids other than run around and get dirty and they like that just fine. This is one of those places where the you can see every star in the sky at night….my kind of spot. Its also a Dry county so you take the good with the bad I guess.  Again here are some photos:

Smaller Trips:
Mark Twain Lake-I talked my brother and bother-in law to head here in early June to do some fishing. We had tried to make this trip with the family on Labor Day last year and never made it due to the damn wheel nearly falling off. In any case, it’s been a long time since any of us were out on the water and I thought it would be a good chance to get back to it. The place we are heading is a Ray Behrens COE and as luck would have it Black Jack Marina is within walking distance. They rent fishing boats and I hope to be cooking up some crappie by days end with a cold beer. This one should be a good time.

Kansas City Speedway-The first annual night Race for the track….plenty of pictures and info on this blog so it’s not worth repeating. One hell of a Blowout typically and if you like auto racing this is a plus.

Carlyle Lake- So far this has been one of our favorites. Close to home yet it feels so far away. One of the nicest, cleanest campgrounds we have been to. There are three COE parks on the lake. We stayed at Coles Creek last year and we have a spot right on the water this year at Dam West…right next to the Marina and some cool stuff to check out on foot.

The Usual On a Whim Trips:
Lake Side 370- This is Home base for the opening and closing the camper. It allows for me to make sure that everything works after the long winter soak and is within 5 minutes of the house in case something goes wrong. It’s  good to have so close but on the same hand when you get ready for bed you might as well just go home!

Cuvier River State Park- Again Fairly close to home and a good opportunity to get outdoors.  This is a usual trip for us at least a few times. I need to make a mental note to not pick site number 1 again….while it is right next to the playground, it becomes a swamp if there is any amount of rain.
Come on Spring…..

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