New Year….Long Winter.

For me the next few months are the hardest part of the year. For starters there is not much to look forward to in the next few months unless you like crappy cold weather. The last few days I cant seem to shift my focus off of camping in the spring. Its my OCD condition if you will. Due to the major hemorrhage of cash buying a new home and all the associated things that go along with a new home we are putting a big family vacation off this summer in favor of a more focused series of RV trips a little further from home than previous years. As you can imagine, I am very excited about this.
Since purchasing the camper a few years ago, most of the expendable items have been purchased. The dutch oven, Fire Starter, Grill and pretty much anything else you can think of has been bought, fabricated and/or received as a gift. This year has been very little in the way of anything spent on RV related items (unless you factor an emergency wheel repair) but the little items are never far from the mind. having already bought most of the things required for a streamlined trip is a good thing as we now have a system down for pretty much everything form the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Also the set up of the trailer has gotten much more streamlined as well. I can do it pretty much by myself in less than 20 minutes. This includes setting up the outside tables, chairs and electrical supply for the coffee maker. Essentially I can have a beer in my hand in less than 30 minutes after arriving.

This year also means that the kids are now old enough to requires some thought about sleeping arrangements. The last season our youngest (Max) was still in a pack and play under the TV and radio.   While this is nice to essentially keep him “caged” he has now crossed the threshold of toddler and will graduate to the bottom bunk in the camper. This means that our oldest (Sam) will take the top bunk and that our storage shelf will be no more. At his request I am to fabricate some sort of rail to keep him from falling out of the top bunk….more details to come on this modification.
Speaking of modifications to the RV…not much needs to be done this year.  I do need to think a little harder about what to do with the lexan panels on the screen door. I trimmed two separate panels to cover the upper and lower portions of the screen door and secured them with Velcro… this method of attachment may not have been the best decision as the top panel has a tendency to fall off. Not only is this a safety issue, but it scratches the hell out of the lexan as well. I need to think of a better solution to the panels. It is really nice to have the door open even if the heat/AC is on because it lets in a huge amount of light…..more to come on this one as well.
In short, any body of water with in site is frozen solid and April can get here any time now. 

 Damn Racoon’s.

Is it spring Yet?

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