Christmas Already?

Two more days till the jolly fat man slips down the chimney to bring joy and gifts for all the little kids of the world. I think that my oldest will figure this little myth out soon enough….he is too clever to let such an insane series of events go un questioned. For now, he is biting it hook line and sinker. It’s good too, because I think it teaches parents that this time of year is really a good point to reflect on your own life.We have been fortunate enough to be able to provide the things our kids need to be comfortable and not worry about things that kids shouldn’t be saddled with at any age. I’m not referring to material things but rather the fact that they have a safe and stable home with two parents that put the kids needs in front of their own. Most of all it makes me think about how grateful we are to have each other.

On this topic..I am grateful for my wife. She is with out question the rock in our family. She is the one that the kids run to when they are scared, the one who listens to my insane rants about nothing, the one who provides the constant support for what ever any of us need. She is the one I couldn’t imagine my life without. I knew this early on but after having kids it only cemented my feelings.

-Merry Christmas

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