Thanksgiving Post….Sort of

Any week that you only work three days is good in my book. This year we are staying home for Thanksgiving and I must say its just fine with me. Traveling with two kids is hard enough let alone the biggest travel week of the year it becomes a bit stupid. One of the biggest issues with air travel this week is that  it’s insanely expensive. So with that said,  we had thanksgiving early this year in Houston with Ali’s parents. All in all it was a good trip highlighted with Max taking his first steps while we were there. Now, of course we are full steam ahead and its a little creepy seeing him so quietly sneak around corner at night. Very stealthy.

The house is starting to feel more like home thankfully. This weekend I put up a ceiling fan in the living room and installed some dimmers for the can lights. We also put up the Christmas tree and can finally hang our stockings over a fireplace just like Norman Rockwell intended. This weekend I plan on tackling the Christmas lights. The plan is to wrap the columns as we did at our old house but this time it appears that my work is cut out for me having 14 columns. This may be a one and done kind of thing…wait and see.

Over the last week or so we also had our fence installed and now can let Gibby out without a leash…and it couldn’t have come at a better time with the weather now turning below freezing. The fence looks fantastic and the construction and attention to detail is very good. If you are in the market for a very well built wooden fence in St. Charles call Brad Reed @ Dragonfly Studio.

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