Weekend at the Lake

Finally. It seems like a while since we were able to get away from civilization since out last attempt ended before it got started with a wheel bearing fire. This trip went off without a hitch (no pun intended).

Ali and I took advantage of my parents good nature and dumped the kids/dog off with them for the weekend and headed south to check out for a few nights. I say this every time we get back from a weekend…it sure is nice to get away from things for a few days. This is the place that started the RV’ing spark a few years ago even though the rental we had then was less than fantastic…the experience as a whole led us to purchasing a unit of our own and has so far made some good memories (and a few bad ones). This trip was similar to the last October trip in that the cardinals were in the World Series and it was a perfect night to sit by the fire and listen to the game. This time we did have a TV and ironically the only channel we could pick up was Fox so we were able to watch and listen to the game. I’m old school and chose to remain out doors until I got tired and decided to go to bed…..only to wake up and catch the wild close to the game in the 9th.

Ali was able to read a book and we spent a ton of time outside just really doing nothing and it was fantastic and it was the perfect trip to wind down the not so busy camping season. By the time next weekend is over, we will have spent 15 nights in the Camper and while not as many as I would have liked, over two weeks total over the course of a season is pretty respectable.

No trip to Lake Ozark is complete without picking up some Blue Bell Ice cream
Also loaded up on some firewood for the next few Nice Outdoor Fires at Home

Now on to planning at least one larger trip next year….trying some place new for a longer duration is pretty exciting and a little scary at the same time. Details to follow.

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