Busy Fall Weekend

It was a very busy weekend at the old homested.  We got a lot of things accomplished after having taken a few days off from the continuing moving process. Friday was the very first grass cutting and it looks awesome! The mower was able to get it all on one charge and really had no issues. I think its time for a new blade or at minimum a sharpening of the old one. I did find out that I need a new blower….the batteries on the old one just are not cutting it anymore. They have been cycled too many times.
We also made a trip to my parents to get the final round of stuff…as it turns out it was more than I bargained for and it took two trucks to get the job done. Just a few more things at my brothers and we officially should have all our stuff back.
Continuing with the home owner theme…Saturday night I built a workbench for the garage. I will be honest I never have liked any kind of wood working. I just don’t have the knack for it. However, for my first attempt it turned out pretty solid. Still need to add the Peg Board and get some hooks but all- in-all it looks nice. I can already tell that keeping it clean will be a challenge.
Big Garage plans for this winter….I would like to run a service panel to accommodate some future tasks such as a larger welder, 30A RV Receptacle, separate circuit’s for various things. I also need to get my grandpa’s truck inside to start what for me will be decades long process of a street rod.
Tis that time of year when the weather changes and the leaves begin to fall. This is also the time for the Annual Redneck Tradition of the BUSCH CAMO Can. While not my favorite beer, I usually purchase a case of this flavor just because of this damn can.

The house is really coming together….fence should be going in soon. It feels like everything is getting settled but there still is a ton of things to do. Its a process but I can see the next few years being very busy with house projects on the weekends. We took a walk last night and I again reminded myself why we chose to move back to New Town. A mid October Sunday night stroll by the lake to get a scoop of Ice cream….even the dog had a taste. 

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