Who is ready for a vacation? I am. Even though we just moved in to the house a few weeks ago I already want to get out! Not because I don’t like it but because the last few weeks have been fairly stressful. There has been too much happening too fast. The kids have come down with a cold of some sorts, and like clockwork for the past three nights a series of screams can be heard from Max’s room at around 11pm because he is all stuffed up. Poor guy. Also last weekend Sam decided to get into a fight with the counter top and lost. Here is the result:

Our dog Gibson is finally getting settled after what was a very weird few days for him after we moved in. I am sure its strange going to a new home but he didn’t handle it very well. He was so out of sorts we had to get him some tranquilizers. I will admit it was a little funny seeing him all doped up. 
Over the last week I managed to install a garage door opener and clean out some more space in the garage. Most of what needed to go into the house is there and now its just a matter of starting to get things organized. To my amazement my truck actually fits! Our last house there was no chance of this as the garage was really just an over-sized shed. 

Lots and lots of recycling right now….sick of seeing cardboard. 

My brother gets married this weekend and I am the best man. Apparently I am to give a speech….I have no idea what I am going to say. Any ideas? 
Halloween is getting closer and I am pushing for the kids to go as Forest Gump and Lt. Dan. For some reason this makes me laugh…might be inappropriate but so is shitting your pants and Max has no embarrassment about doing that. 

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