T-Minus One Week

The end is near…….a week from today we will officially be tethered yet again  to what is the greatest criminal organization of modern times……the US Private Banking Industry. It’s almost silly how much control these companies have over our lives from day one. Some kids now days are born having their labor and delivery bills paid for on a credit card… Scary Right?  You know the story….but anyway, here we go again.

I quit posting photos of the house on the other tab here because I have been locked out for nearly 4 weeks and the same photo only at different angles takes up valuable bandwidth. We are now in the mad scramble to try to get all of things prioritized and in line for next week. I am going to try to take off as little time as possible from work and we will see how this plays out. Lots of things happening…lots of money flowing out and not in….but this is life right?

Long week of work and I am very glad Friday is here.

Here is the latest photos from the outside…..almost done.

Onward and upward. Wish me luck this week as I can already feel myself loosing even more hair. On the topic of hair…in the last few months I have identified a few grey ones as well….jokes on them anyway cause they eventually will fall out.

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