The American Dream

Its all coming to head….we are closing in on two weeks from the day I never thought would come. We are set to close on Friday September 27th!!! While this is very much exciting its also extremely stressful for some reason. First off a early morning meeting to address warranty concerns then off to the title company. From there its back to the house to wait for the movers…meet them at the storage lot. Back to the house….wait on the bed delivery and new living room furniture to show up. Its going to be a long, long day. Its going to be so worth it…and not to mention all the stuff that is at my moms and brothers. I have not seen my Trusty Weber Grill since May 5th…..its a bit sad really. Hard to imagine a summer without it!

Here is a Photo for a tug at the heartstrings.

Yesterday I was able to sneak in the house and poke around…its seems that they still have lots to do. It must be a mad rush at the closing laps as technically the house should be finished on the 24th in time for the walk through. We are still missing a window and a bit of siding, soffets and gutters. On the inside, the cabinets have gone in and counter tops are soon to follow. Trim is done….doors are being hung today. All the vanity’s are in the bathrooms. Appliances are in the garage along with all the plumbing fixtures and lights. I am just amazed how things come together at the very end.

Truck is still in the shop for an unknown knock in the engine….the rental car I have sucks and the camper is out of commission due to the hub issue. Life is great.

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