New Camper Name….Fireball.

Finally we were ready to head out for a short trip up north with the camper. Weather was shaping up to be decent with the possibility of a few storms but that didn’t matter. Its been a while since we spent some time together. As luck would have it, it was over before it started. Just literally before we were to turn and get on I-70 some nice guy pulls up and tells me “hey, your wheel is on fire!” I was able to pull through the intersection and grab the fire extinguisher that was in the door and put out the fire with no damage to the camper itself. It seems that the Bearing had seized and the friction of a few miles was enough to ignite the grease in the hub. I was able to pull the camper back down the service road to Bill Thomas RV sales and Service and there it sits. The group that installed the axle that failed obviously did something wrong and it appears they did not put a cotter pin back in the castle nut. I am going to give them a chance to make things right before I name who it was. As in any business, problem calls are just as much as an opportunity as a new sale. We will see what happens. Could have been much much worse. Had we gotten on the Hwy the wheel would have surely come off causing at minimum a TON of damage to the camper Valves, Plumbing, side skirts and thats the minumum. A 100lb chunk of rubber and metal bouncing down the road at 65mph would have surly caused a crash or at minimum an insurance claim. Scary right? 

As if it could not get any better…since we were not camping this weekend, I took the opportunity to take the truck in for a strange noise that was happening more frequently and it really does not sound good. They still have the truck and I think it will require an extensive repair. Great. 

So far this this weekend has cost a Trailer hub, Bearings, Axle, Seals, Brake Shoes, Brake Magnet, Brake Drum Camping Fees, 1 Fire Extinguisher, Rental Car Fees, Food purchased for camping trip and a little pride. Oh Well. Thats how it goes I guess. Sucks.

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