July Moving Fast

Once again I suck at this. Trying to do this once a week really does not work for me… I lack discipline to get it done.  Fair amount of things happening lately and a lot of work travel the last two weeks has kept me on my toes. I could have been on a very nice beach somewhere with the time I have spent in my truck the last few weeks…..could have made the trip back home to restock and been on my way back to the beach. It’s amazing how quickly the miles add up. Endless miles on the road gets boring and I do like going someplace new or somewhere I have not been in a while. As a subscriber to XM for many years now…even it gets old on some of the longer trips. One thing I started doing to break up the monotony is downloading Podcasts. There is really something out there for anyone and any interest.  Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast has gotten me through the last few weeks on the road. Pretty damn funny and topical. Check it out. By far most of the Pod Cast’s that are out there are people that are just essentially doing an audio blog and some are better than others.  
We went out of the norm for the 4th and went camping at our old standby Cuvier River State Park. I think this place has gotten a little long in the tooth for me. We always stay at Site#1 right next to the playground. It’s really a great setup especially if it’s just Sam and I because it is easy to keep an eye on him while making dinner or going inside for a minute. The downside is that every time we have gone there it seems to rain and the site is such as mess when it rains. Everything turns to mud and that’s just not fun….at least for me. I really appreciate now a nice concrete or blacktop pad or at minimum good gravel. Like clockwork the sky let loose on Saturday night around dinner time and it turned into a swamp. We ended up packing up the kids and heading back home for the night.  Regardless we had a great time as we were there for two nights and got to really un-wind and get some fresh Air. We all slept great Friday night with Ali even commenting that she felt refreshed. Amazing what a little fresh air will do!

The house is coming along nicely….see the page dedicated to this process at the top of the blog. I really 
don’t know how to write it all up so I am just posting pictures for folks to see. It’s also really cool to scroll down to see the progress. The next two weeks will be a big transformation with the walls and roof going on than the entire infrastructure such as plumbing and electrical going in. The nice thing about the builder is that they will allow you to visit your house and monitor the progress as its being built. It’s a good chance to catch any issues or problems.
Few things on the horizon for the next few weeks….Taking Sam to the beach for a few days and a couple Camping trips. Summer is going to be over soon I can feel it already.  

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