Mother’s Day Trip-

We Just wrapped up a successful trip to the lake this weekend minus one little mishap with the RV Awning that could have been much worse. If you read last week’s post…you learned that we were heading to Lake Ozark State Park for Friday and Saturday night. Its nice going back there for many reasons but mainly it does not feel like the lake as most Midwestern folks know it. Its very secluded, No boat docks other than the marina and no hot-rod boats blasting the shores with huge wakes. The kids did pretty well other than one of the most ridiculous meltdowns I have ever witnessed by my oldest.

With that said….we caved and took him to waste some money at Miner Mikes…A backwoods Chucky Cheese if you will. We were able to also find Blue Bell Ice Cream (if you have had it… you know why this is exciting). With a freezer on board we were able to cart some back home for consumption.

Fun was had by all and I am ready to go back.  I checked last night and that site is booked every weekend until the end of October.  Bummer. Might need to get that weekend locked down just because.

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