It’s Over.

Its over. Finally. Closed on the house yesterday and while I feel like got taken for essentially a shit ton of money we can close this chapter and move on. I won’t go in to a ton of details but it was far more emotional than I expected it to be and I guess that’s a good thing. Posted some pictures of our house all empty at the bottom for that extra tug on the heartstrings.

Fast forward to another topic….Camping! We are taking our first official trip of the season as a family to the lake for a few nights this weekend. I am looking forward to it for a number of reasons but primarily to forget about the last month that was quite frankly the most stressful period of my life to date. I booked a Primo Site at Lake Ozark S.P. #139. This site consistently books solid even through the week for most of May-October.  This site in particular is hard to get as it is more or less the only site in the park that sits right on the water. Your RV door opens up facing the lake with no real obstructions. Nice! The state parks operate off of a reservation system just like a hotel essentially and you can see when the site you want is open. There are even photos of the actual camp site so you can get a better idea of how close your neighbors might be.  It’s a good time of year here as well….the temps drop enough to make siting by the fire at night a good thing.  Got to pick up a few things but essentially we are stocked and ready to go. That’s the beauty of having your own RV…..just hook up and go.  


Now is also a time to re-focus on work…the last 2 months have been really bad for me in all aspects. There is very little work going on and a lot of time away from what I should be focused on work wise. I need to tighten up the boot straps and hit the road. This is something that I have neglected and need to regroup.  My year ends next month and unfortunately this year is down about 25% total. Sucks. Need to do better.


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