Nascar/Moving and the Unknown

So much for a weekly update….it’s been quite busy around here. However I do have some time to kill this am due to some unknown system failure with our servers. No Email, No Phones. Oh…and the building alarm was blasting as I walked in the building due to power surge/loss. Weird.

Anyhow….it’s official. House is under contract and we are set to close on May 6th. I have started to pack up the copious amounts of shit we have accumulated in the last 5-1/2 years and moving it to a storage locker close to where we will be returning to . It’s a little sad seeing my garage slowly empty out of all my little things. Some of those things I didn’t even know I still had. I really didn’t think that I would have such an emotional tie but last night it hit me. Everything that we really have worked for and accumulated has been at this house. Almost every scraped knee and busted knuckle has been here. Both kids only know this as home.  As much as I hate the fact that we are now dividing up 1000Sq/ft among 4 people and a gigantic dog it really has become very comfortable. I was sitting out back after taking 2 more truckloads of stuff to storage thinking about how weird of a feeling it will be handing over the keys to OUR home to a stranger, getting in the car and driving the other direction.  It’s just a un settling feeling.

The end game does make me feel good about things….we are building yet another home in the area we want. We get to watch the progress as the months go by and that indeed builds excitement. As much as it hurts to take a huge hit on the house….in the long run we will make that money back and then some at today’s low interest rates.  After running the numbers we will make the money back in about 7 years that we had to spend to sell just based off the 3.5% interest currently offered.  Plus…we get all the things we want. For me, a three car garage for my 48’Truck project and sidestreet parking for the camper loading as we are on a corner lot. A Fireplace, a Pantry, A laundry Room, a true master bedroom and adult sized tub! For me, I plan on running a 30 amp outlet somewhere near the street so that the RV AC can be used during loading and un loading as well as charging the batteries. It’s the little things.

Things are moving fast for sure….

On another note I had our annual Spring Kansas Nascar Race…..I was not going to miss this opportunity to drown my sorrows about the house and the upcoming uncertainty. It did not disappoint. Many, Many a beer and cocktail were consumed by all. It was a good time with good folks. I won’t go into too much detail as things are a bit foggy….but you can get the idea from the photos attached.

The IT Guys just left….apparently we had a power surge that took out our battery backup. All systems go! Back to work.

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