Moving on….

Holy Shit. What a stress inducing weekend. Managed to do what I thought was the impossible task…get a contract on our house!  While this is a big relief, it’s a little bittersweet for a number of reasons. First off, I get to write a Huge Check, Even more than I put down on the house to sell it. I guess I could have taken the easy way out and short sale or just walked away but that’s the shitty irresponsible thing to do.  Plus it’s not the best thing for your credit….and I don’t want to think about that situation. It’s also a little sad to think about the memories we have had in this house. It was our first house ever, where Sam took his first steps and it holds the things we worked so hard to get. It to us is very comfortable and it seems strange knowing someone else will now call it home. It hurts even more knowing I get to pay for this feeling.

On the bright side, this means moving on to a new home in a few months that will become the “home” the kids ultimately remember. For us as a family it means a room for everyone and a place for everything.  Hell, we actually get a laundry room and a pantry! Amazing Right? I will get my 3 car garage and I will actually be able to park in it!  It will almost feel like a grown ups house. That is a nice feeling to look forward to and by the time we get to that point the loss we took to get there will lessen in pain. Also the fact that we really are not leaving the area helps. Sam will still go to the same school and have the same friends. That’s kind of cool.

As I write this, nothing is official….the buyer has asked for a close date of the 6th giving us really 2 weekends to get our shit together and out the door. I keep trying to tell myself it’s not over until we hand over the keys….but it’s hard not to look forward.

In celebration…here are some photos of our new lot and the model home we are building we are adding some sq/ft so it will look a bit diff but overall the same.

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