Still Tired…

So this is the 1st day of spring…..snow flurries and all? Let’s by pass this fact and talk about something entirely different.  I got all my work done early today. In my line of work the workload can fluctuate greatly. Fact is there is a lot happening right now but I am taking a break and going to check out for a bit. A last minute mental health break if you will. This week so far has sucked big time. No real reason, just because. You know when all the little things get rolling down the hill and before you know it, it’s a snowball filled with 12,346lbs of shit? Typically each little nugget on its own is harmless but when they join forces…lookout!  During a typical day, you can step right over them. Sometimes as a courtesy I point it out to the guy walking behind so he doesn’t smudge his Nike.  That’s not this week for sure. I am at the bottom of the hill trying to keep my mouth closed as the snowball O’ shit is bearing down.



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