Another Week….

In an effort to try to get something in writing once a week on this stupid thing…I am going to get it over and done with now before I go to lunch.  What to write about…I have no idea. I suppose I can ramble on like some doddering old man about how remarkably shitty the weather is now, but I will save this for later when I am feeling especially old.

Might as well put up a pic of the most random grilled meal I think I have ever done.
Check out Alton Browns Recipe for The Sprouts

That’s right-Grilled Dogs, Tots, and brussel sprouts. Not really an expertly crafted culinary delight but a meal everyone (less Max) can and will eat.

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo what I did on Sunday but I can tell you about it….Smoked Corned Beef. Picked this little idea up from SYD BBQ (Blog I follow) and I used a “Flat” cut of Brisket. I didn’t know this until Ali mentioned it , but pastrami is smoked corned beef brisket. So I guess you could say we made Pastrami. I liked it, especially just after you cut it. Just like Brisket, to get the best flavor and juiciness you need to consume rapidly just off the carving block as it dries out quick once it’s sliced. This is why you rarely see Brisket just cut at BBQ joints….typically it’s served held in Beef Broth concoction or BBQ sauce.

As a place holder, here is a stock photo of a smoked Brisket


One other thing worth mentioning is that I picked up a bottle of Sticky Fingers Carolina Sauce last week and used it over some chicken splits we made. Not bad. If you are a fan of the mustardy somewhat runny Carolina type sauces go for it.


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