Tired & Ready For Spring

Today is especially Sucky for me for some reason…I spent three days in KC earlier in the week and the return to the office typically sucks. Reason being is that I need to catch up on all the stuff that piles up while you are away plus following up on all stuff you talked about with the folks in KC. This return was no different and I am still winding some things down and shuffling smaller items to next week. Today especially sucks because it apparently is the first real nice day in what seems to be months. I have my window open, but it’s no replacement.

Why are people A-Holes? Over the last few years doing this job the A-Hole factor has at least quadrupled. Funny, it’s not really the customers that are the problems…it’s the companies that we sell for that have become harder and harder to deal with. Matter a fact- I am typing this waiting on a phone call that I have learned that will never come. I am then forced to turn into the prick that calls and has to politely tell the person on the other end that they don’t get it.  Deadlines exist for a reason right? Well, apparently not to some people.

We had a showing on the house this past weekend with good feedback. Good right? Nothing more than the feedback at this point.  That sucks do a degree but it was indeed positive so the “Hope-O-Meter” ticked north a bit.

Really, really want to go to the woods for a few nights to get broken out of this rhythm we have been in for what seems like forever. I spent some time getting the RV prepped for the upcoming season Saturday. Filled the hubs with grease, adjusted the hitch to help while towing and a few other things. Still have a few details to finish up….I need to build a Dual battery tray to get at least another nights power off the grid.



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