Another year gone, starting over sucks.

Some people find that the holidays are stressful. Others find that tax season sucks and for many every day can be a grind. For me, July and the months following are the worst. This year has been no exception. My work “year” starts over every July and I struggle to come to terms with how I am going to do it all over again. Not to mention that some of the groups that I represent are struggling with their own issues such as mergers and restructuring. I don’t lose sleep often due to work but July and August is usually when it happens. I guess it’s only natural in this line of work and you never really are comfortable especially when the phone goes for a day without ringing. Even right now, I am sitting here at the office typing seems ironic. I could be calling people and lining up visits for the following week to attempt to curb some of the uncertainty but instead I am wasting time writing this. In a way I guess it’s a bit therapeutic to put your thoughts in words….or I am full of shit and screwing off on Friday. Either way it’s ok.

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