Another Big Year

2012 is almost ½ way over and it seems that it just started.  This is another record breaking year for our household. This month we will add another name to the roster at our house….it really fits our philosophy 100%. Adapt to change and get things get into a standard routine. Once everyone gets moving along at a good pace and finally gets comfortable….give the  screws a few cranks to keep everyone on their toes.
 Sam has really taken the edge off things…..meaning that he has worn us both down to not making such a big deal about everything. When I found out we were going to have our second child I was not as taken back by the idea. Don’t get me wrong….both were planed but Sam had much more of an impact. Even though I knew the ultimate outcome….I still felt surprised…. almost shocked by the news. It might possibly be because you can never fully prepare for being a parent. Fast forward almost 3 years and the news that we would start this all over again with a second kid  didn’t really phase me much. Yea, there were things we had to do to prepare but I was not scared about the idea. In fact it for me was quite the opposite reaction….Excitement!  Is this normal?  Sometimes I think I am short-changing the new child by feeling this way…. who knows.

Sam’s “Cheese” smile.

I found myself talking at a conference table last week about having kids to a woman roughly my age during a break from a bout of legal bits for work. She didn’t have kids and was on the fence about the whole issue. My answers to the questions she was asking would have surprised myself just a short time ago. In a nut shell….I fell that being a parent is without doubt the best, most rewarding thing I will ever experience in my life.  It also helps to have a 100% dedicated spouse who without a doubt is the glue that holds us all together.  Without her steering the ship….I don’t know where we would end up.
Here we go again….it’s going to be a fun ride.  

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