New Town at St. Charles

As a resident of the most unique development projects in the Midwest I can assure you that no place in the metro area as critiqued and mis understood as the neighborhood I  call home. I even quit telling people where live just to not answer the firestorm of questions that follow. Not because I am embarrassed but if you just look at any comment section of ANY online article from the STL Post Dispatch that makes even a mention of New Town you will understand the stigma associated with the neighborhood. Typically these are people are un educated hipsters that have nothing better to do but try to tell others how lovely it is to live downtown while their car stereo is being ripped out of their Honda Accord. Most of the hipsters I feel have an issue with New Town using the term “New-Urbanism”. Apparently the word “Urban” can only be applied to areas with staggering high crime rates, sub-par shitty school systems and dwindling populations. I like downtown, don’t get me wrong its cool place to be after a ball game and the outer areas like Tower Grove and Soulard have definate appeal….but its no downtown Chicago and never will be. Sorry Hipsters….

Some of the ususal questons you get when you tell people you live in NT….

Q .Will it  Flood? 
A. I am sure it could..I buy insurance. 

Q. Have you seen The Truman Show? 
A.Yea… I liked that movie.

Q. Is it a cult? 
A. Sort of….depends on who you talk to. 
The questions you never get are the ones that really matter. How do you like it there? Is it a good place to raise a family? Is it safe? How are the schools? Many, many other questions that really define a place to live. One of my Parent’s neighbors is even spreading the rumor that her “friend” moved out of here because New Town is being taken over by “The Gay’s” and like one out of every two homes contain “The Gay”. I hope that is true, at least they cut their grass and landscape their yards.Just for your information….. I have not seen any Homosexual acts being preformed in my front yard so I am going to assume “The Gay’s” are not taking over my neighborhood like a plague of locusts and it’s just another stupid comment made by an ignorant person. It is pretty funny listening to others make comments that have no logical basis about our neighborhood.  I have even heard that the myth that New Town is just like New Orleans….their are hidden pumps underground that ABSOLUTELY have to run 24 hours a day to keep water out and should the power ever goes out the whole town will be washed away like the lower ninth ward. 
Truth be told Ali and I love it here. The actual community is awesome. We constantly say that almost every time we take a walk around the block with Sam. The management leaves a lot to be desired but these days that’s not too shocking.  We have been here for almost 4 years and have grown out of our first house and are weighing our options on what to do for the next move. I work in Kirkwood (when I go to the office) and Ali stays home so really I have a larger % of pull in determining where we go from here. I love Kirkwood/Glendale area….great schools, Solid people and  close to work.  On the down side they are smaller homes, higher priced and all brand new to my wife. Believe it or not…that’s a big deal for many reasons. Really what it boils down to is we are just comfortable here.  The schools are good and getting better, people are generally good and for the most part the cost is reasonable. The other thing is we have roots here…For example, every time I go into the market to get a loaf of bread they know my name. Same for the coffee shop. This past Friday morning is a great example of why we feel the way we do about this place…we went to a new cafe that serves breakfast with Ali and Sam. After breakfast we went next door to the little park and let Sam go crazy for at least 45mins. He went down the “Big” slide all by himself!!  All this is walking distance from my front door.  Very cool. 
This place is not for everyone….anyone who can not follow rules or read signs should turn away. There is a cult like fever in the air…..although a lot of that has died down since the Whittaker bankruptcy and the frustrations of attempting to deal with our HOA board. There are a handful of business here that will more than likely make it through the fire but unfortunately there are also ones that have and will collapse like a house of cards. That’s how these things go….new storefronts are a common occurrence in most neighborhoods and this one is no different. Some people want 40 acres and a mule and are bothered by a lot of the rules that help keep the neighborhood in good standing. I for one like the fact that we are required to get approval to paint your house Hot Green or put up a 100′ ham radio tower.  It helps to protect my investment. If you want to do that kind of thing….this place probably is not for you. 
Summertime is when I like living here the most…It feels like a nice place to be on a Saturday afternoon. People are out walking around, kids are always zipping along on their bikes. The odd event here and there (budget allowing). It feels a bit like Mayberry….but that’s not a bad thing. You might even see some kids heading to the lake with a couple of cane poles. The even have a sanctioned BBQ event  on a annual basis!!! What more can you ask for? 
Check out the website and the photos below.

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