First Go Round

My wife suggested that I open one of these pages and give it a go. Why? I guess I have a lot to talk about and it is quite possible she is tired of hearing all of it. No….thats not the reason. The real reason is that it is much easier to put things in writing than talk about it and get your point or topic across. Believe me…I have sat at many conference tables listening to people talk and about sales quotas, price points and other associated BS for hours on end when a simple number on a page would make a bigger impact than listening to some guy telling war stories about some project in Cattle Creek Wyoming 20 years ago. 
This blog is intended to be an outlet for some of the things I enjoy and value in my life. My wife and kid, my job (although I do not enjoy this All of the time, mostly its pretty good), BBQ, Vacations and basically anything else I care to write about. 

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